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2019 Catenate Enterprises  Katy, Texas  USA
Merger and Acquisitions
As a Mergers & Acquisitions Firm, Catenate Enterprises is a premier Mergers & Acquisitions Organization with headquarters in Katy, Texas.

Catenate works with  over 100 Mergers & Acquisitions Intermediaries and as such is part of the largest M & A firms in the U.S. Our network is comprised of professional individuals located throughout the United States and Canada.

We act as
Independent Business Transaction Intermediaries specializing in finding the perfect match for the purchase, sale or merger of businesses with annual revenues between $5-$250 million.

As part of a large network we have several hundred businesses for sale, and over one thousand registered buyers, we are well positioned to create the optimal  sale, acquisition or merger. Whether you are a existing company or Private Equity Group looking for add-on opportunities, outright sale, divestiture or platform companies, we likely have a match for you or we will find one.
There are no fees until a transaction occurs and there is no transaction unless we find you an opportunity that you cannot refuse.
Mid-Market Businesses
Mid-Market Businesses
Confidentiality is Paramount
We understand public knowledge of a business sale can affect the attitudes and actions of customers, competitors, employees and suppliers. All Catenate Enterprises prospective buyers are carefully screened, and required to sign a company profile specific non-disclosure agreement before any information is shared. 
Reach out to us to discuss peripheral measures that we can implement as well.
Small Business Sales & Acquisitions
Small Business Sales & Acquisitions
Headquarted in the Houston market Catenate Enterprises is your ideal partner. We specialize in Mergers & Acquisitions, Business Valuations and Consulting Services for companies in Texas and across the United States with annual revenues between $300,000 - $5,000,000.
Contact us today if you are intrested in learning more about our services.
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